John Valdez – A Respected Name In Immigration Law

20 years has brought John Valdez success in establishing immigration law services to those located throughout Aliso Viejo, California and the United States! John Valdez understands better than most that U.S. immigration laws can be extremely complex and confusing at times due to its unique requirements, ongoing changes, major reforms, and, often, unreasonable waiting times for individuals hoping to reunite with families here.

When dealing with immigration law, you need an attorney that you can fully trust. John Valdez can help you gain a better understanding of the law as it applies to you. Experience mixed with dedication is a recipe for success in your case and we can offer that and more.

Types Of Cases We Handle

Green Cards Through Family-Based Petitions and Moving Family Members to the U.S.: Immigration law allows U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States to petition for certain eligible relatives to come and live permanently in the states. This is to promote family unity when a family; however, since Congress has limited the number of relatives who may immigrate under these categories each year, there are sometimes waiting periods. John Valdez has the experience to guide you through the process. He understands the time-consuming process and can offer you help and guidance every step of the way.

For instance, he can offer his assistance to you by drafting an immigrant visa petition on behalf of your relative. He can also assist you in making sure you follow proper filing procedures and met all deadlines to avoid any of the many potential mistakes that can derail your case. If your relative is in the United States, he can assist you in filing Form l-485, which you will learn is an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status to become a permanent resident. Does this sound like something that will benefit your life in numerous ways?

Citizenship & Naturalization: Do you know all of the requirements for becoming a naturalized citizen in the United States? If your answer is ‘no’ to this question, then you will want John Valdez on your side to offer guidance and support throughout the process. To qualify for naturalization, you must have been a permanent resident for a prescribed period of time (anywhere from one to five years, depending on the circumstances) and meet other eligibility requirements. Naturalization is an important step for somebody wanting to become a U.S. citizen. Find out more about the help you want to receive today and take the first steps toward your better future.

Adjustment of Status: With the help that an immigration attorney, you can learn more about the procedure that allows eligible applicants to become lawful permanent residents of the United States. If you want to successfully navigate this process, you must meet many eligibility requirements. If you want to become a legal resident of the United States and reap all the benefits involved with being officially recognized, you should speak to an attorney with experience today! John Valdez can help you with this very delicate process.

Consular Processing: As your attorney, John Valdez understands the complicated process of filling out the many forms required to go through consular processing. He can also work with the National Visa Center, an agency that oversees much of the process before the case is transferred to an Embassy outside of the United States. These forms include the Choice of Address and Agent form known as DS-3032 and Form l-864, known as the Affidavit of Support, a legal contract used so that a family member can promise to support you if necessary. A consular interview will also take place, and it is a good idea to use an attorney to prepare you for this event. John Valdez can help you to grasp these proceedings and understand what you need to know as your case moves forward.

Removal of Conditional Residence Status: Can you apply to remove your conditions on permanent residence? Yes, especially if you have a good attorney on your side to help you. There are certain qualifications you have to meet such as being married to the same U.S. citizen or permanent resident after 2 years, or, if the marriage has ended, can prove you entered into a marriage in good faith, among other requirements.

Special Visas: Visitor and Fiancé: Visitor visas must be obtained for those who wish to enter the United States temporarily for business, tourism, pleasure, or visiting purposes. If you are the fiancé to a U.S. citizen, they can bring you to the United States to marry and live there with a nonimmigrant visa for a fiancé.

Marriage Based Petitions: There are several marriage-based green card options for people who are already in the United States. If you wish to get married and immediately apply for a green card, this is one option. There are many forms, again, that you must complete when you wish to enter the United States based on a marriage relationship. Now you can find out more on this topic if you hire John Valdez.

Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Status/Green Card: Do you need help knowing more about the LPR filing process? If you are not a citizen but are residing in the U.S. under legally recognized and lawfully recorded permanent residence as an immigrant, you will need to be informed on this process. For this, Valdez can aid you along the way!

Work Permits: The application for obtaining a U.S. work permit is straightforward most of the time, but can become a difficult process due to the fact that it is only granted to limited people. There are steps that can be taken and understood to make sure that you get your work permit as easily and fairly as possible.

Do You Need An Attorney Who Is Accessible, Reliable, And Efficient?

John Valdez is a highly-skilled immigration attorney for whom other attorneys keep in high regard and refer cases to. He is professional and very thorough leaving nothing to chance. Organization and compassion are also great features in John Valdez. He is definitely the attorney for you.